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Charlie Trumpess is a senior marketing professional with over twenty year’s experience of working within the technology sector across Northern Europe.


4 reasons you need a copywriter

Do you need someone to turn technical jargon into plain English that anyone can understand? Do you have a powerful, compelling business story to tell but struggle to find the words? Does your website grab customers’ attention or drive them away? There are many reasons why businesses use a professional copywriter.

1. Focus on what you’re good at

Certainly anyone can learn the basic skills of copywriting. However, not everyone has the time or natural ability to perfect their writing skills. In many cases it’s simply quicker, more productive and cheaper to hire a professional business writer than do it yourself. After all, you’ve got enough to do with your own job.

2. Customer insight and tone-of-voice

There is more to copywriting than simply getting the right words down in the right order. A good copywriter understands the importance of research. You have to understand your target audience and know how to speak convincingly to them. The brand voice you create must be authentic. However, you might have to assume several personas and write in many different styles and tones. You must have the ability to transform dry product features into juicy customer benefits that close the sale.

3. Meet client objectives

The copywriter must be able to work alone and as part of a wider creative team focused on campaign development. Copywriting is not art. Every creative decision must be tempered by the commercial imperatives. Ultimately, it’s only the fulfilment of your client’s objectives that really matters.

4. Copywriting pays dividends

In our increasingly frenetic world, where it’s hard to get your brand noticed by busy, marketing savvy consumers, good copywriting still pays dividends. A good copywriter has to understand the audience, the context and medium for each piece of brand communication, and how it fits into the wider marketing apparatus. You must keep pace with the latest marketing trends, techniques and how best to apply them. Today’s copywriters must be equally at home writing for websites, social media, blogs, video, mobile apps, events, games, print, TV, radio and search engines. Finally, a good copywriter will ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd, engages more prospects and wins more business than your competitors.

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