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Charlie Trumpess


Professional freelance marketing and copywriting

Marketing offers great business benefits from lead generation, increased sales and customer loyalty to new product development, innovation and business growth. As a highly experienced, CIM qualified, freelance marketing consultant and copywriter, I can help make your business objectives a reality.

It’s all about you

As an all-round marketing professional I can help you research and better understand the competitive landscape. I can prepare marketing plans and develop creative, integrated campaigns. I can write the data sheets, case studies and white papers that make complex technologies clear, compelling and understandable. I can run your social media, paid search and content marketing activities. I can work with sales and your channel partners to win new business and encourage repeat purchasing.

The remainder of this website will walk you through the various marketing and copywriting solutions I offer you, the prices I charge and my conditions of business. You can contact me using my instant messenger service, enquiry form, email and good old fashioned phone. You'll also find me on social networks like LinkedIn. I’m happy to answer your questions and discuss your marketing needs. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Charlie Trumpess, MCIM, CM


Mobile marketing

Wireframe of Nicolas Garden mobile app courtesy of Stephane Come, Intel Free Press CC2.0

Wireframe of Nicolas Garden mobile app courtesy of Stephane Come, Intel Free Press CC2.0

Traditional mobile marketing simply meant sending someone a SMS text message. Nowadays mobile is so much more. New mobile technologies are emerging all the time such as wearable devices and instant payment solutions. The mobile web, mobile responsive web design, mobile apps, games, mobile PPC, geo-location services, NFC (near field communication) and Bluetooth proximity devices such as Apple’s iBeacon are just some of the tools available to the mobile marketer. Big data integration also promises much richer, deeper mobile experiences for business and pleasure.

It’s reported that 91% of smartphone owners have their device within arm’s reach 24/7. No other medium offers such accessibility, immediacy or intimacy. The mobile phone and tablet are our new private fiefdoms. However, marketers must proceed with caution and a new understanding of the mobile inhabitant, their habits and behaviours.

Mobile tools and techniques include:

  • Text messaging and short codes
  • Mobile web
  • Search and display ads
  • Mobile apps and games
  • Proximity marketing
  • Mobile commerce and payment solutions

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