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Marketing offers great business benefits from lead generation, increased sales and customer loyalty to new product development, innovation and business growth. As a highly experienced, CIM qualified, freelance marketing consultant and copywriter, I can help make your business objectives a reality.

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As an all-round marketing professional I can help you research and better understand the competitive landscape. I can prepare marketing plans and develop creative, integrated campaigns. I can write the data sheets, case studies and white papers that make complex technologies clear, compelling and understandable. I can run your social media, paid search and content marketing activities. I can work with sales and your channel partners to win new business and encourage repeat purchasing.

The remainder of this website will walk you through the various marketing and copywriting solutions I offer you, the prices I charge and my conditions of business. You can contact me using my instant messenger service, enquiry form, email and good old fashioned phone. You'll also find me on social networks like LinkedIn. I’m happy to answer your questions and discuss your marketing needs. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Charlie Trumpess, MCIM, CM



Business presentations come in all shapes and sizes from sales pitches, product demonstrations, staff training and PR briefings to board meetings. Many corporate presentations are nothing more than dreary collections of slides stuffed with illegible text and incomprehensible charts. These presentations tend to be dull, uninspired, instantly forgettable wastes of time. They are something to be endured, laughed about over lunch and best avoided.

However, poorly conceived and badly delivered presentations are no laughing matter. They cost you time, money and resources. They might even lose your firm business and damage your corporate reputation. A recent poll of buyers at London’s Sales 2.0 Conference found only 1 in 8 presentations useful or valuable.* At the same event buyers stated that one of their greatest bugbears was enduring long, boring vendor presentations. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Better preparation by speakers, compelling story telling, the use of high impact, relevant images, video clips, consistency of design layout and reduced length can help make your presentations a success. Research by the University of North Texas found that audience recall of salient points was much improved when presentations were kept to less than 20 minutes.

Of course, the proliferation of mobile devices and a multitude of software applications means that you can do a lot more with your presentations. They can become valuable sales tools and data collection points during exhibitions, events and conferences. You can repurpose presentations for a whole manner of sales and marketing purposes. They can be transformed into video content, mobile apps, webinars, blogs, white papers and infographics that can be shared across social media.

Do you want to release valuable people, time and resources from the burden of putting corporate presentations together? Do you want to create powerful, engaging, informative and multipurpose presentations that can make a genuine contribution to your business? Contact me now for more information.

Source: *The Value of Presentations by Jacco van der Kooij,